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Adding Hair Physics ~
I am also still a sort of noob to adding hair physics , basically I add bones and then weight for it to move and flow well. Hair like theirs will do , or anime hair , sims 4 hair too. Sims 3 hair is harder to rig though. I will do my best ! And if you don't like it , then I will REFUND all of your points ! It's
more of a good way to get some practice in , after all , I am going to be an animator some day :3
I can do boy hair and girl hair :3
Edited MMD Pictures ~
I am still a noob at editing pictures , so this will be more of a learning experience for me :3
All I need is a model or models :3
I am not going to create your characters into MMD , only close friends get to have that option :3
I also need the points so I can commission other people too lol xD
Please commission me , and thank you if you do ! <3
Add Oppai Physics to your MMD OC ~
I will add oppai ( boob ) physics to your humbly attractive females chests ! : D
It is fun for me to do , but takes time as well , and I have school to go to so , this will probably be done on Fridays to Sundays only ~ :3
So , if you are impatient please look for someone else to do this xD
Thanks and it's a lot because of the time it takes ~ :3


Clare Sharia
United States
Hey there ! Welcome to our Magical Page !
I am Clare Sharia , I am the leader of the 13 guardians of the " Magical World " !
We are adventuring most of the time , so if we don't reply back , then that means we are doing something important or even in battle , so I hope you understand.
We also have to study other races we come by , which is also time consuming , so I would hope you understand that as well ~
Thanks ! And soon our pics from our adventures will be up ! I am terrible at editing so it won't be easy , just simple pictures ! Hehe ~
Hope you enjoy , we will keep in touch on our journals and status posts ~
My Zodiac Sign : Taurus
My Chinese Zodiac : Rabbit


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I made a new Satan edit , but he has so much wrong with him xD
Could someone please help me clean him up ? :3
Followers of Pelosuss ~
Here is Zelphar ( red ) as an Fish Hooker and Feyrith ( blue ) as an Aura Seeker.
This is a group I created with the help of :iconmagiciansgrove: !
Please join ~

Follower Group Jobs : 
Aura Seeker - Followers that make sure the sea and nature are in balance , use magic
Ocean Flyer - Followers that fly through the sea on their boats, use strategy and the stars
Fish Hooker - Followers who bring in others into their group and give them wisdom
Sea Horse Rider - Followers that ride the ancient sea horses and charge into battle for their god

Story : 
There once was a girl who loved the sea. The sea loved her back , and they fell in love. And after many years , they had a child named Pelosuss. Pelossus , didn't know he was a god for a long time. He lived as a normal human boy and had normal friends. Then there was a tragedy. His mom had been taken by another man, leaving the sea angry. The sea flooded the whole city and killed the man of her dreams.
She was so angry that she tainted the sea with her dark feelings of anger . That's when the sea became known as the Black Sea , the sea of Descran was now forever tainted. Pelosuss , loving the sea and his mother tried to find a truce between them. All it brought was more conflict , and so he decided to do the only thing he could. He took his mother under the sea , forever changing her into a screamer ( a mermaid like female who takes people's dreams and lure them into death ) and forever leaving her to give her pain elsewhere. His father the sea was still dark and in rage. So he gave his father the light and love of his soul. The sea turned clear and clean once again , but he had lost his son in the process. The sea was very sad about what had happened and gave his son a second life , as the god of the sea of Descran. Only the followers of Pelosuss can talk to the sea and it's wildlife , and become one with nature. Or as so the legend is told.

All followers currently live in a village called Pelos Nox in Descran.

Elven Twins Bio ~
Their bio has been approved this time ! : D
For :iconmagiciansgrove:'s collab ~

Name: Zelphar Ralotoris / Feyrith Ralotoris
Age: 18 and 18
Rank/title: Aura Seeker and Fish Hooker
Group/Affiliation : Followers of the Sea God ( Pelosuss )
Place of Birth : Port of Descran
Current Residence: Pelos Nox ( Village )
Species: Water and Fire Elf ( Used to be Human )
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi
About: Two twins born in a cave at Descran and left there by themselves. Their parents were never seen again, lost at sea. The people of Descran helped raise them. They were small and could get into places nobody else could. Although, they were treated like slaves. The sea god , Pelosuss , felt pity for the boys and how much they vowed to be apart of nature. He turned them both into nature loving elves , and he made them take an oath to be his followers. Zelphar was made a fire elf who could use the fire elements , but he was not that good with fire and usually messed up on burning things he shouldn't have , he was also a sort of playboy , flirty to everyone he met that was the same age as him. He was also short tempered when it came to his brother and the nature of the sea. Feyrith was a water elf who could use the water elements , but he like his brother , had lots of troubling controlling the water and sometimes caused huge rain and other problems for the people of Descran. He was the shy brother , embarrassed by his brother over and over again with the ladies and men. Although shy , he was the smarter one of the two , and if he first meets someone , he is very shy and does not talk much. For now , they travel through the sea and lands , and follow their god wherever he takes them.

Feyrith Ralotoris : Caring , Understanding , Trustworthy , Loving , Embarrassed ( By His Brother )
Zelphar Ralotoris : Short Tempered , Fascinated , Loving , Flirty

Parent(s): Lovers of the pure sea and it's nature ( Lost at Sea )
Sibling(s): Each other
Other family: None
Best Friend(s): Comment ?
Friend(s): Comment ?
Love Interest: Comment ?



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